We now accept guests as long as we have time! Right now there is a lot of work with the reindeer, so you are aware of that. Feel free to contact us if you are nearby! Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to go sledding.

We always have reindeer skins and antler-lamps at home for sale all year round, if you are interested, feel free to just pop in. But I recommend to call and double-check if someone is home.

Meet the reindeers

Go by sleigh or just cuddle. 

We offer a few different activities, after request we customize your visit, so you get a day filled with memories you'll remember a looong time!

Winter 2021: Join us when we feed the reindeers in the pasture. You get really close to the reindeers, maybe you even get to pet them. Some of them will eat straight from your hand.

Go by sleigh: Go with your own reindeer by sleigh in the winter landscape and get to know the reindeers a little bit more. 

This have to be booked in beforehand.
Please call Sunna for more information and price.  +46 (0)76-81 000 87 or send an email to sunna@renar.se