Welcome home to us!

In the kingdom of the reindeer

There is an old promise between us Sami and the reindeer - to take care of each other at all times. It is a truth that when the reindeer feels good, we feel good and the heart warms and the joy is felt in the soul. The reverse applies just as clearly, because when the reindeer is not well, it is also felt, burning and strong. That's why we try to protect the reindeer and its kingdom as best we can.

We welcome you to our home and hope that you will come to like this animal as much as we do!

  • At our farm you are able to meet reindeers up close. So close that you can see snowflakes on their eyelashes.
  • You can let the reindeers take you out in the winter dressed landscape and be impressed by their strength when pulling the sleigh for you.
  • Or try catch one with the lasso if you can!

Remember to always call before your visit.